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Is Your Commercial Network Ready for the New Decade?

You Might Need an Upgraded Network Installation

Is Your Commercial Network Ready for the New Decade?

We live in an interconnected world, and reliable network connectivity is taken for granted. Your business operation depends on it for a panoply of applications, whether it’s communicating with suppliers and partners, point of sale applications, or cloud-based services.

If you run a retail or hospitality operation, you know how frustrated customers can become when connectivity is spotty or nonexistent. And if your business is comprised of offices full of professional knowledge workers, productivity without connectivity grinds to a halt. 

Not all networks are created equal. Read on to see how you can get your Atlanta commercial network installation ready for an even more connected decade ahead.

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Did You Get a New Batch of Smart Home Devices Over the Holidays?

Orchestrate Your Entire House with a Control4 System

Did You Get a New Batch of Smart Home Devices Over the Holidays?

Since the big Black Friday sales, few things have been more popular holiday gifts than smart technology. From smart lights, locks, and thermostats to smart speakers, streaming devices, and TVs, there’s quite a few new electronics to integrate into your home.

Since all these new devices are intelligent, naturally, each has an app to control it. Some, like audio and video devices, have remote controls, too. All of those different apps can be a little overwhelming, not to mention managing the many login credentials of each.

Is there an easier way? There is! A Control4 house control system helps you become the expert conductor of your smart home orchestra. Read on to learn how Control4 makes the whole of your smart home smarter than the sum of the intelligent parts.

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Personalize Your New Home with Lutron Lighting

Building a New Home with Customized Lutron Lighting

Personalize Your New Home with Lutron Lighting

You may have heard the phrase "seeing things in a different light." The reality is, light has a significant impact on how you see things. A piece of art may take on a whole new meaning in the perfect light. A photograph can go from merely a picture to capturing a moment just from using the right light.

Your home can be the same way. When building a new home, chances are you will invest heavily in customizing it with the features you want that fit your lifestyle. You should consider lighting as one of those investments. Like that photograph or piece of art, the right lighting enhances your home's beauty. Beyond that, it also adds to your comfort and - with the latest technology - even your wellness.

Sunbelt Technology works with Lutron for lighting control solutions. Lutron is a lighting pioneer in both residential and commercial lighting control and offers the broadest range of solutions in the industry.

Read on to learn how to customize your new Atlanta, GA home with Lutron lighting control.

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Are You Considering a Surveillance System Installation?

Get Started by Asking These 4 Questions

Are You Considering a Surveillance System Installation?

With the holiday season in full swing, it's typically a busy time of the year. Security may not be top of mind amid entertaining, shopping, and office parties, but nevertheless, it is an important concern at this time of the year.

The continued growth in internet shopping and the resulting onslaught of package deliveries has given rise to a new type of theft - porch piracy. In some cities, thieves follow delivery trucks and nab packages left on porches and doorsteps minutes after delivery. It’s unfortunate, but if you don’t want to lose that special gift that took hours to find, some security measures are needed to protect your property.

The holidays are also prime travel time, whether to visit family or simply get away and recharge at the end of the year. While you're away, be sure your home is safe.

Fortunately, today’s smart technology provides solutions. A smart surveillance system installation will provide the peace of mind that your Atlanta, GA home and property are safe, whether you are there or away.

So how do you choose the right system for you? Read on to learn the right questions to ask.

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