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Why You Need Professional Cabling Installation for Your Business

Get Future-Proof with the Right Infrastructure

Why You Need Professional Cabling Installation for Your Business

We may think it's a wireless world, but if you run a business, you know wires are needed to support all of that wireless capability. Cabling is a vital infrastructure for any enterprise. Whether the wiring supports your office network, a security camera system, the connections to your point of sale system, or anything else, wiring is crucial for all the connections your operations need.

That said, you might be surprised by how little attention some businesses pay to this vital aspect – until they run into a problem. The correct cabling installation is critical to keeping your operations connected and meet the increasing network demands of your growing business in Atlanta, GA.

As commercial technology professionals, Sunbelt Technology understands the importance of the right underlying infrastructure for your systems. Keep reading to see how you can ensure your cabling capacity stays in tune with your business needs.

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What Do You Get with a Professional Home Audio Installation?

All Music, All the Time, Anywhere You Want

What Do You Get with a Professional Home Audio Installation?

Our partner, Sonos, is the pioneer in wireless audio speakers and commissioned a study on the effects of music. They surveyed 30,000 homes across the globe and even went into 30 homes in eight different countries to see what happens when people don’t listen to music.

You might intuit that listening to music has positive effects, but you may not think about what happens when there’s no music in your life. The results were enlightening. When music was playing, people on average were 24% less irritable and 25% more inspired. Overall, respondents reported a 16% increase in positive feelings when listening to music.

Such is the power of music. Most of us have a favorite song or artist that always makes us feel more upbeat, no matter what else is going on around us. Also, don’t underestimate how you listen to music. Hearing it in high quality makes much more of an emotional impact than listening through a tinny speaker or low-quality earbuds.

One way to uplift the mood and wellbeing in your Atlanta, GA residence is with a high quality, professional, and custom home audio installation. If you are a lover of music, read on to see how to transform your home.

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Is Your Commercial Network Ready for the New Decade?

You Might Need an Upgraded Network Installation

Is Your Commercial Network Ready for the New Decade?

We live in an interconnected world, and reliable network connectivity is taken for granted. Your business operation depends on it for a panoply of applications, whether it’s communicating with suppliers and partners, point of sale applications, or cloud-based services.

If you run a retail or hospitality operation, you know how frustrated customers can become when connectivity is spotty or nonexistent. And if your business is comprised of offices full of professional knowledge workers, productivity without connectivity grinds to a halt. 

Not all networks are created equal. Read on to see how you can get your Atlanta commercial network installation ready for an even more connected decade ahead.

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Did You Get a New Batch of Smart Home Devices Over the Holidays?

Orchestrate Your Entire House with a Control4 System

Did You Get a New Batch of Smart Home Devices Over the Holidays?

Since the big Black Friday sales, few things have been more popular holiday gifts than smart technology. From smart lights, locks, and thermostats to smart speakers, streaming devices, and TVs, there’s quite a few new electronics to integrate into your home.

Since all these new devices are intelligent, naturally, each has an app to control it. Some, like audio and video devices, have remote controls, too. All of those different apps can be a little overwhelming, not to mention managing the many login credentials of each.

Is there an easier way? There is! A Control4 house control system helps you become the expert conductor of your smart home orchestra. Read on to learn how Control4 makes the whole of your smart home smarter than the sum of the intelligent parts.

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