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Introducing The Smarter Home Voice Control System Makes Home Automation Easier and Fun

Introducing The Smarter Home Voice Control System

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the spaceship computer HAL 9000 responded to a command saying, "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave." While Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, and Google's Assistant are much more innovative and powerful voice control systems than what Arthur C. Clarke could have imagined in his famous novel, they frustrate users often with variations of this answer. Why? They need to do many things, not just home automation, and they don’t always get what you mean. 

Introducing, a voice control system designed exclusively for managing a smart home. Josh doesn’t answer math questions, tell you jokes, or find the age of a movie star for you. What it does do is let you speak to it naturally, understand context, and let you take command of your smart home by voice like never before. Read on to see how to take your smart home system in Brookhaven, GA, to the next level with

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What You Need for the Ultimate Movie Theater Experience at Home

Experience the Magic of the Cinema with a Home Theater Installation

What You Need for the Ultimate Movie Theater Experience at Home

We all love the experience of going to the theater: the popcorn smell, giant screen, and immersive surround sound. Just the thought of the cinema stirs up meaningful memories we’ve made with friends and family over the years.

In recent times, we’ve had to rely on our homes for entertainment instead. But that's no reason to sacrifice quality. With a professional home theater installation by Sunbelt Technology, you can recreate the high-quality theater experience you miss right in your own Buckhead, GA home.

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Improve Client Satisfaction and Staff Energy with Restaurant AV

A Distributed Audio-Video System Provides Flexible Coverage for Your Needs

Improve Client Satisfaction and Staff Energy with Restaurant AV

Running a restaurant involves a lot of responsibilities. You have to manage food costs, kitchen and front-of-house relations, table turn times, and the wellbeing of everyone who enters. The last thing you want to have pull for your attention is the restaurant AV system.

While it may seem tempting to install a simple one-size-fits-all solution, depending on the type of establishment you manage, this may leave you frustrated. A fine dining setting is vastly different from the needs of a sports bar. The right distribution system enhances the client experience, energizes staff, and can lead to increased sales.

Are you ready to make the move to a better, flexible systemfor your Atlanta, GA business? Read below to find out more.

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Control4 Chime: The New Standard for Smart Video Doorbells

Control4’s Chime is the Doorbell for the Smartest Homes

Control4 Chime: The New Standard for Smart Video Doorbells

The video doorbell is one of the most popular smart home devices. You only need to look in your local big-box store or online to find many models from which to choose. Having a way to see and monitor a front door imparts peace of mind that you have eyes outside your house. 

The many video doorbells you’ll find are DIY consumer products. While those will work well, none of those are quite up to the level of what you’ll get from a professional Control4 dealer like Sunbelt Technology. Why? It’s because the video doorbell from Control4 integrates with a powerful and capable home automation system that will make your Atlanta, GA home safer and much more. Keep reading to see how. 

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