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Outdoor TVs: How They Work & Why We Love Them

Who Says Movie Nights Are for Indoors Only?

Outdoor TVs: How They Work & Why We Love Them

There’s something about time spent outdoors that feels extra special. Whether you’re at a rooftop bar, restaurant patio, or outdoor concert, occasions enjoyed outside often feel more meaningful (weather permitting). 

So if your Netflix marathons have you feeling a little guilty on beautiful nights, why not take it outdoors instead?

Outdoor entertainment systems, complete with a weatherproof TV, will transform how you enjoy movies, sports, shows, and more. Here’s how outdoor TVs work and why our clients in Atlanta, GA, love them. 

Comparing Lighting Control Systems: Choose the Best for Your Home

Revolutionize Home Lighting with These Premium Smart Light Systems

Comparing Lighting Control Systems: Choose the Best for Your Home

Traditional lights are a hassle to control and don’t always properly illuminate the space. Plus, they are typically limited in the number of settings. Most only turn and off, and even the ones that can dim are equipped with limited settings.

Smart lights offer some of the best possible home lighting, with distributed light that reach every corner of your space and the ability to customize your light settings. There are many brands of smart lights to choose from, each with its own strengths. If you’re looking to incorporate a lighting control system in your home in Atlanta, GA, you’ll probably consider brands such as DMF Lighting, Lutron, and Ketra. Keep reading to learn about each brand and see which is best for you.

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How Home Automation Installation Adds Value for Clients

Meet the Demands of Homeowners by Constructing Automated Spaces

How Home Automation Installation Adds Value for Clients

If you’re a builder in Atlanta, GA, opting for home automation installation is the best way to meet the growing demands of homeowners. With the increasing demand for automated spaces, not adding a smart system to your construction projects will lead to you missing out on a large share of potential clients that can earn you heaping profits.

So, to avoid that, consider installing an automation system in your residential projects. But what should you look for in home automation to ensure your clients reap the value? Read on to find out! 

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What Makes a Great Home Theater?

Behind Every Dedicated Home Theater, There Is Professional Design, Installation, and Automation

What Makes a Great Home Theater?

A dedicated home theater brings endless entertainment to you and your family, but it will only live up to industry standards when designed and installed by a professional. After all, you need it to shine with every performance! That’s why, just like you would hire an architect to design and build any luxury property, you should also consider working with a technology integrator in your next home theater. 

At Sunbelt Technology, we give you the ultimate cinematic experience at home in Atlanta, GA. By working with architects and designers, we create value through industry-leading entertainment solutions tailored to you and your family.

Read on to learn why professional design, installation, and automation are essential to an efficient home theater and how they drive up the value of new construction projects. 

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