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Homeowners Want Stylish and Smart Lighting Control Systems

Learn How Light Automation Adds Value to Your Construction Business

Homeowners Want Stylish and Smart Lighting Control Systems

Smart products are everywhere – from smartphones and smart cars to AI-controlled security cameras. The world is becoming smarter every day. It’s no wonder people want more smart devices in their homes. After all, if sophisticated technologies power everything else, why can’t their homes be as well? In a recent survey, Consumer Technology Association (CTA) found that nearly 65% of homeowners prefer some level of smart home control.

As a contractor or home designer, you can tap into this market to add value to your services and revenue for your company. The current smart home market size is well over $205 billion – with lighting control systems being a top technology. Let Sunbelt Technology help your business in Atlanta, GA, take advantage of this amazing growth potential. Read more to see why homeowners want smart lighting control throughout their properties.

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Smart Technology Is Here to Stay

Most people love technology. When a new phone, TV, car, or smart gadget comes out, they flock to the stores to get it. By adding a smart lighting control system to your list of services, you give people what they want and make it more fun for them to live in their homes. For instance, instead of using traditional wall switches to turn the lights on each day, smart lighting can be programmed to operate automatically. If a homeowner gets up at a specific time, it’s easy to set a lighting scene. When the alarm goes off, the bedroom lights slowly illuminate to a soft amber hue and brighten as they rise from bed.

In addition, a smart lighting system offers one-touch lighting control via a mobile app, beautiful wall keypads, or by voice. So, it’s simple to operate the lights in any and every room without having to actually walk from room to room throughout a spacious home. For instance, when homeowners are watching a movie in their home theater, they won’t need to get up to adjust the lighting. They can simply do it via an app or touchscreen. In fact, with a robust smart home system, the TV, audio system, thermostat, and every other connected technology can be controlled centrally, too.

The Modern Appeal of Smart Lights

Lights aren’t simply functional. That may have been the case a century ago, but things have changed dramatically. Smart lighting solutions from brands like Lutron add ambiance to any space. Not only are their fixtures elegant, modern, classic, or any style you want, but the bulbs are tunable. Able to adjust in both intensity and color temperature, these lights create the atmosphere you want in your rooms and outdoor spaces.

Let’s say a homeowner is planning a dinner with a loved one. They can program the lights to change intensity and color to create a romantic feel. Perhaps they are hosting a big party in their home. It’s easy to program the lighting control system for dim lighting in the home theater, warm lighting in the living room, and colorful lights in an outdoor entertainment area.

Sunbelt Technology has many years of experience in the smart home automation industry. Find out how we can help include automated lighting to your list of services. Call us at (404) 236-0007 or fill out our online contact form to request a free consultation.

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