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Smart home systems add luxury, convenience, security, and beauty to your home. Read about the latest trends and solutions here.

Work With A Professional To Install Smart Home Systems

Builders and interior designers can stand out with innovative smart technologies

Work With A Professional To Install Smart Home Systems

Smart technology is a fantastic way to make your projects stand out from the competition. Landscape lighting adds beauty and convenience to your projects, accentuating key architectural design details and making potential homeowners feel more secure. Motorized shades automatically lower to create privacy, letting in natural light. A whole-home audio system plays music with just the tap of a button. 

But to achieve this luxury lifestyle for your clients, it is important to partner with a professional. Read on to learn why you should work with an integrator when incorporating a smart home system into your Buckhead, GA build projects.

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Introducing The Smarter Home Voice Control System Makes Home Automation Easier and Fun

Introducing The Smarter Home Voice Control System

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the spaceship computer HAL 9000 responded to a command saying, "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave." While Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, and Google's Assistant are much more innovative and powerful voice control systems than what Arthur C. Clarke could have imagined in his famous novel, they frustrate users often with variations of this answer. Why? They need to do many things, not just home automation, and they don’t always get what you mean. 

Introducing, a voice control system designed exclusively for managing a smart home. Josh doesn’t answer math questions, tell you jokes, or find the age of a movie star for you. What it does do is let you speak to it naturally, understand context, and let you take command of your smart home by voice like never before. Read on to see how to take your smart home system in Brookhaven, GA, to the next level with

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3 Ways to Make Your Commercial Properties Stand Out

How Smart Home Systems Attract Tenants and Guests

3 Ways to Make Your Commercial Properties Stand Out

As a building owner, property manager, or developer, you look for ways to make your properties stand out and gain a competitive edge. In rental units, building amenities and trendy modern finishes play a role. In hotels, amenities, safe environments, and extra touches for comfort add to a better guest experience.

Smart home system technology can play a key role in adding value to your properties across all these areas. Start with efficiency. Many prospective tenants want to live in "green" buildings. Smart home technology that manages climate control and lighting can save tenants money and contribute to a healthier environment. Safety is another prime factor in keeping happier tenants. Smart security technology like intelligent surveillance and lighting makes for more secure properties.

Keep reading below to see how smart home system solutions can give your Atlanta, GA commercial properties the advantage over the competition. 

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So You’re Moving? Make Your New Home a Smart Home

Moving Presents the Perfect Opportunity to Upgrade to Smart Technology

So You’re Moving? Make Your New Home a Smart Home

Moving is an exciting proposition - a new neighborhood, a new house, new neighbors, new places to explore - but it can be stressful, too. Uprooting your belongings and making it all work in a new residence takes patience and time.

However, moving can also be the perfect opportunity for fresh starts, particularly a fresh start in smart home technology. With the cost of smart home systems lowering regularly, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your new Atlanta residence with the latest technology. What’s more, Sunbelt Technology can help you do it.

To help you discover prime opportunities to add exciting new capabilities in your new space, we’ve put together a handy “technology move” checklist. We’re experts at home technologies, plus, we’re moving too! Keep reading to learn more.

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