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Why Your Smart Home Needs Commercial-Class Networking

When Everything Is Connected, Your Network Is Mission Critical

Why Your Smart Home Needs Commercial-Class Networking

In business, when a function or system is so vital that if it fails and the operation grinds to a halt, it's called mission-critical. In your home, electric power can certainly be called mission-critical – without it, most things fail to function. Running water is another one. And lately, it’s your home network. 

The research firm Statista projects that the average household will have 50 connected devices by the end of 2021. That’s an astounding increase, but perhaps not surprising. If you think about all your computers, smartphones, smart speakers, TVs, appliances, cameras, lights, and other smart devices, it’s easy to see how you might underestimate how many things depend on connectivity within the home and to the internet. 

Like it or not, home networking is mission-critical for your Buckhead, GA smart home. And mission-critical support demands high-performance solutions. Read on below to learn more about commercial-class networking for your home.

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Introducing The Smarter Home Voice Control System Makes Home Automation Easier and Fun

Introducing The Smarter Home Voice Control System

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the spaceship computer HAL 9000 responded to a command saying, "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave." While Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, and Google's Assistant are much more innovative and powerful voice control systems than what Arthur C. Clarke could have imagined in his famous novel, they frustrate users often with variations of this answer. Why? They need to do many things, not just home automation, and they don’t always get what you mean. 

Introducing, a voice control system designed exclusively for managing a smart home. Josh doesn’t answer math questions, tell you jokes, or find the age of a movie star for you. What it does do is let you speak to it naturally, understand context, and let you take command of your smart home by voice like never before. Read on to see how to take your smart home system in Brookhaven, GA, to the next level with

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Homeowners Want Stylish and Smart Lighting Control Systems

Learn How Light Automation Adds Value to Your Construction Business

Homeowners Want Stylish and Smart Lighting Control Systems

Smart products are everywhere – from smartphones and smart cars to AI-controlled security cameras. The world is becoming smarter every day. It’s no wonder people want more smart devices in their homes. After all, if sophisticated technologies power everything else, why can’t their homes be as well? In a recent survey, Consumer Technology Association (CTA) found that nearly 65% of homeowners prefer some level of smart home control.

As a contractor or home designer, you can tap into this market to add value to your services and revenue for your company. The current smart home market size is well over $205 billion – with lighting control systems being a top technology. Let Sunbelt Technology help your business in Atlanta, GA, take advantage of this amazing growth potential. Read more to see why homeowners want smart lighting control throughout their properties.

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2 Ways Smart Home Automation Transforms Your Life

Learn How Smart Control Improves How You Interact with the Technologies in Your Home

2 Ways Smart Home Automation Transforms Your Life

Do you know what makes a house a home? It’s not new paint, classy home décor, hardwood floors, posh furniture, or even remodeling. Even though they make your home more functional and attractive, they cannot provide the complete luxury and comfort you crave. When you really want to elevate your home-living experience in Atlanta, GA, the only way to do it is through home automation.

Smart home technologies revolutionize how you interact with nearly everything in your house: the lights, the security system, home entertainment, and even climate control. It makes your home cater to your every need. Sunbelt Technology specializes in home automation installation for new construction and retrofit projects, so we can install complete smart systems in existing homes. Keep reading to see how smart technology adds more extravagance, ease, and entertainment to every room in your house.

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