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Why Your Smart Home Needs Commercial-Class Networking

When Everything Is Connected, Your Network Is Mission Critical

Why Your Smart Home Needs Commercial-Class Networking

In business, when a function or system is so vital that if it fails and the operation grinds to a halt, it's called mission-critical. In your home, electric power can certainly be called mission-critical – without it, most things fail to function. Running water is another one. And lately, it’s your home network. 

The research firm Statista projects that the average household will have 50 connected devices by the end of 2021. That’s an astounding increase, but perhaps not surprising. If you think about all your computers, smartphones, smart speakers, TVs, appliances, cameras, lights, and other smart devices, it’s easy to see how you might underestimate how many things depend on connectivity within the home and to the internet. 

Like it or not, home networking is mission-critical for your Buckhead, GA smart home. And mission-critical support demands high-performance solutions. Read on below to learn more about commercial-class networking for your home.

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Cut the Cable and Stream Faster with a Robust Home Network

Lightning-Fast Streaming Starts with a Strong Home Network

Cut the Cable and Stream Faster with a Robust Home Network

How’s your cable TV working out for you? It may have felt like a good idea when you signed up for a plan, but now you’re having second thoughts. Millions of cable subscribers feel the same way. Even though cable plans offer many channels, they simply cannot compete with most streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many others.

When you use a video streaming service, you can still catch all the latest live TV shows and games. So, you’re not missing anything by cutting the cable. However, it’s essential to have a reliable and robust network connection. You’ll then be able to watch anything on your screen without lags, buffering, or other video/audio disruptions. Premium home entertainment starts by having Sunbelt Technology in Atlanta, GA provide a professional home network installation. Read more to discover the benefits of having a fast network connection.

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Is Your Home Network Keeping Pace with Current Traffic?

With Everyone Connecting to Everything from Home, Your Network May Be Faltering

Is Your Home Network Keeping Pace with Current Traffic?

With the current health crisis, everyone is spending time at home. And spending time at home means connecting to typical activities over the internet. Where once the family was at work, school, after-school activities, the gym, or restaurants, it’s all happening at home now, at the same time.

The last thing any family wants is to have sputtering connectivity. Whether it’s mom and dad’s Zoom or Skype video meetings, the kids’ connections to school sites and e-learning platforms, or buffering videos when it's time to unwind, in the current environment, robust network connections are more critical than ever.

Fortunately, you can help your Atlanta home network installation cope with today’s increased traffic. Read on to see how!

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Why You Need Professional Cabling Installation for Your Business

Get Future-Proof with the Right Infrastructure

Why You Need Professional Cabling Installation for Your Business

We may think it's a wireless world, but if you run a business, you know wires are needed to support all of that wireless capability. Cabling is a vital infrastructure for any enterprise. Whether the wiring supports your office network, a security camera system, the connections to your point of sale system, or anything else, wiring is crucial for all the connections your operations need.

That said, you might be surprised by how little attention some businesses pay to this vital aspect – until they run into a problem. The correct cabling installation is critical to keeping your operations connected and meet the increasing network demands of your growing business in Atlanta, GA.

As commercial technology professionals, Sunbelt Technology understands the importance of the right underlying infrastructure for your systems. Keep reading to see how you can ensure your cabling capacity stays in tune with your business needs.

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