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Transform your home with your favorite music playing everywhere with a professional home audio installation. Learn more here.

Create a Better Sounding Home with a Home Audio Installation

Discover the Joy and Vitality a Professionally Integrated Sound System Brings to Your Luxury Lifestyle

Create a Better Sounding Home with a Home Audio Installation

In his 1697 play, The Mourning Bride, poet Willam Congreve proclaims, “Musick has charms to soothe the savage breast.” While the line has morphed to end with ‘beast,’ the meaning is the same; the songs surrounding us have the power to move and transform us. 

The sound of your home matters, from the acoustics of the architecture to how it manages the noise of the outside world. A home audio installation gives you the power to energize a room, inspire creativity, and boost your emotional and physical well-being. 

Are you curious how your Atlanta, GA, home can sound better? Continue reading below to learn more!

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What Do You Get with a Professional Home Audio Installation?

All Music, All the Time, Anywhere You Want

What Do You Get with a Professional Home Audio Installation?

Our partner, Sonos, is the pioneer in wireless audio speakers and commissioned a study on the effects of music. They surveyed 30,000 homes across the globe and even went into 30 homes in eight different countries to see what happens when people don’t listen to music.

You might intuit that listening to music has positive effects, but you may not think about what happens when there’s no music in your life. The results were enlightening. When music was playing, people on average were 24% less irritable and 25% more inspired. Overall, respondents reported a 16% increase in positive feelings when listening to music.

Such is the power of music. Most of us have a favorite song or artist that always makes us feel more upbeat, no matter what else is going on around us. Also, don’t underestimate how you listen to music. Hearing it in high quality makes much more of an emotional impact than listening through a tinny speaker or low-quality earbuds.

One way to uplift the mood and wellbeing in your Atlanta, GA residence is with a high quality, professional, and custom home audio installation. If you are a lover of music, read on to see how to transform your home.

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