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What Do You Get with a Professional Home Audio Installation?

All Music, All the Time, Anywhere You Want

What Do You Get with a Professional Home Audio Installation?

Our partner, Sonos, is the pioneer in wireless audio speakers and commissioned a study on the effects of music. They surveyed 30,000 homes across the globe and even went into 30 homes in eight different countries to see what happens when people don’t listen to music.

You might intuit that listening to music has positive effects, but you may not think about what happens when there’s no music in your life. The results were enlightening. When music was playing, people on average were 24% less irritable and 25% more inspired. Overall, respondents reported a 16% increase in positive feelings when listening to music.

Such is the power of music. Most of us have a favorite song or artist that always makes us feel more upbeat, no matter what else is going on around us. Also, don’t underestimate how you listen to music. Hearing it in high quality makes much more of an emotional impact than listening through a tinny speaker or low-quality earbuds.

One way to uplift the mood and wellbeing in your Atlanta, GA residence is with a high quality, professional, and custom home audio installation. If you are a lover of music, read on to see how to transform your home.

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Whole-Home Audio

What is whole-home audio? It's the ability to pipe music to every part of your home where you want it. Moreover, it is an integrated approach to your audio system. You can select different audio sources and play them in separate rooms or zones of your house. If the kids want to listen to Ariana Grande in the game room and you want to hear Adele in the kitchen, one system handles that. When entertaining, if you want to play your favorite jazzy playlist all over the house to set the mood, you can.

Speaker Options

Sonos, as we mentioned, is a pioneer in wireless speakers and networked whole-home audio. While the speakers are wireless in the sense that they do not require a connection to an amplifier, all besides the Sonos Move requires a connection to power. However, the wireless and network-connected features make them easy to locate anywhere in the house. Sonos' highly regarded app also makes it easy to choose from a wide variety of streaming music sources like Apple Music and Spotify, as well as your personal digital music library.

Sonos wireless speakers are straightforward and provide great sound, but you may have other audio equipment you prize. Can you integrate that into a whole-home system? Yes, and there are various options. Perhaps you have a set of favorite speakers? Bring them into the network with the Sonos Amp, which integrates Sonos connected whole-home capability with a high-power amplifier to drive most speakers. If you already have the amplifier or receiver to go with the speakers, a Sonos Port can bring that system into the fold as well, feeding digital and streaming music sources into your older but high-quality equipment.

More Options

Perhaps you have a larger property and are looking for a more comprehensive approach to whole-house audio and smart home control. That’s where a Control4 system can come into play. Several models of Control4 home controllers have music distribution as a feature of the system. Perhaps your house was already wired for architectural speakers, you own an excellent stereo audio system, and you like Sonos wireless speakers as a way to access music easily in a couple of bedrooms and a guest room. A Control4 system can make all of that play well together, letting you take advantage of the excellent sound quality of your existing equipment and also making it all work in unison to provide high quality, synchronized sound all over the house.

Does it sound complicated? It’s not with a professional installation from Sunbelt Technology. Rather than having you replace everything you have for a new solution, we can turn the dream of music everywhere into a reality with the right combination of technology and know-how.

Let the music flow with a professionally installed audio solution. Call us today at (404) 236-0007, visit our showroom, or reach out on our online contact page. We look forward to working with you.

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