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Outdoor TVs: How They Work & Why We Love Them

Who Says Movie Nights Are for Indoors Only?

Outdoor TVs: How They Work & Why We Love Them

There’s something about time spent outdoors that feels extra special. Whether you’re at a rooftop bar, restaurant patio, or outdoor concert, occasions enjoyed outside often feel more meaningful (weather permitting). 

So if your Netflix marathons have you feeling a little guilty on beautiful nights, why not take it outdoors instead?

Outdoor entertainment systems, complete with a weatherproof TV, will transform how you enjoy movies, sports, shows, and more. Here’s how outdoor TVs work and why our clients in Atlanta, GA, love them. 

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Built to Endure All Weather & Temperatures 

Outdoor TVs from our partners Séura and SunBriteTV are tough enough to endure all weather, from humid Atlanta summers to cold winters. The outdoor TV’s aluminum case protects against extreme temperatures, dust, salt, and debris. Water splashed or poured directly on the screen has no effect so that the displays can stay mounted outdoors all year long. Sports stadiums in some of the harshest climates use Séura and SunBriteTVs, so rest assured your backyard TV will be fine! 

Brighter Screen with No Glare 

Another feature that sets outdoor TVs apart is their ultra-bright screen. You won’t have to worry about glare or faded visuals if you watch during the day. Outdoor TVs are four to five times brighter than indoor models, and the built-in light sensor will adjust the display according to shade or the setting sun. You can choose between full-light, partial-light, and full-shade TV models to get the perfect fit for your outdoor area.  

Connect to Indoor Media & Outdoor AV 

Once there’s an outdoor TV mounted in your yard or on the patio, you should be able to access all the same media you enjoy inside. We can set up a distributed video system that lets you access your video library and streaming platforms all in the same place. You can even pause a movie outside and continue it indoors minutes later—or play simultaneously across all your home’s screens. 

And if you want to hear your TV in other areas of the lawn? We can connect outdoor speakers to the TV, so you can listen and follow along to whatever's playing, even if you're in the pool. Invite friends and family over for the big game, and whether they wander inside or lounge outdoors, they can see and hear all the action. 

Discover Outdoor Entertainment in Atlanta 

Are you interested in outdoor video or audio? Curious to learn more?  

At Sunbelt Technology, we design, install, and program complete AV systems, so all you need to do is press “play.” Visit our home technology showroom in Atlanta to see the best audio and video, and contact us here for more information. We look forward to speaking with you!