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What Do You Need to Know Before Installing a Home Sound System?

4 Areas to Consider for Built-In Home Audio

What Do You Need to Know Before Installing a Home Sound System?

A home audio system is an investment that pays dividends year after year. If you like to entertain, imagine seamless music flowing through every room in your house, and even outdoors. Even if you don’t entertain often, the sheer luxury of dialing up any music you’d like on a smart device and having it play everywhere as you move about your home is very compelling.

You may think you can just buy a few wireless speakers and presto, you have a whole-house or partial-house system. While it's true there are some exceptional wireless solutions out there, you might be surprised at the many high-quality options that exist for whole-home audio systems. 

If you’re interested in the options for a home sound system installation in Atlanta, keep reading below.

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Control4 OS 3 Has Landed in Atlanta: Here’s What You Want to Know

Sunbelt Technology is a Control4 Dealer with a Certified Showroom

Control4 OS 3 Has Landed in Atlanta: Here’s What You Want to Know

For over a decade, Control4 has been a leader in smart home automation. If you are a current Control4 customer, you already know how easy it is to manage your smart home devices with their intuitive system. What is Control4’s OS 3? It’s a redesign and rethink of how you interact with your smart home, but underneath, it’s the same rock-solid, reliable Control4 automation system that works with thousands of devices.

As a current customer, it will be a must-have upgrade. If you’re not a Control4 customer, you will still want to learn about this latest home automation system and how it can make your home work better for you. Either way, Sunbelt Technology is your certified Control4 dealer in Atlanta, ready to help you with all your smart home and audio-video technology and installation needs.

Keep reading below to learn more about the exciting new features in Control4 OS 3.

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Smart Lighting and Shade Control Make Beautiful Light, Together

The Dynamic Duo of Smart Home Lighting Control

Smart Lighting and Shade Control Make Beautiful Light, Together

Do you ever think about the lighting inside your home? It’s something we tend to take for granted. We need it, of course, inside and outdoors. Generally, we want to be efficient about the way we use light – not leaving lights on when they don’t need to be.

We also like our lighting to be adjustable and adaptable, bringing the right light to shine on a task. For cooking we may want our island lights on, under-counter lights turned on bright, and the lights over the range on. In the morning, we want lighting that gently wakes us in the bedroom, and the kitchen coffee area well-lit to highlight that ultra-important morning caffeination task.

There is a way to bring smart technology to your lighting with a lighting control installation for your Atlanta-area home. Beyond convenience, it can add style, accent special features, and make your home safer and more energy efficient.

Interested in learning how? Keep reading to learn more.

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Avoid the Pitfalls of Bad Conferencing Audio

Make Sure Your Commercial Audio Video System is Up to Par

Avoid the Pitfalls of Bad Conferencing Audio

Even with all our ultra-modern collaboration and messaging software, good old-fashioned voice communication is still, thankfully, a fact of business life. The telephone is just as essential as ever, even if the phone exists as part of a computer, smartphone, or a piece of software on another device.

Voice still needs to be an integral part of the business communication arsenal. In the digital world, surprisingly, the quality of voice conversations has sometimes suffered in some collaboration platforms that have prioritized data and video sharing over audio quality within network connections.

That, however, can be remedied. Two areas contribute heavily to modern voice communications: prioritized networking support and the proper equipment in a space. With the right commercial audio and video setup in your Atlanta conference rooms, your conference calls can be better than in the days when everything was hard-wired.

Keep reading below to learn how to improve your conferencing audio.

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