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What Makes a Great Home Theater?

Behind Every Dedicated Home Theater, There Is Professional Design, Installation, and Automation

What Makes a Great Home Theater?

A dedicated home theater brings endless entertainment to you and your family, but it will only live up to industry standards when designed and installed by a professional. After all, you need it to shine with every performance! That’s why, just like you would hire an architect to design and build any luxury property, you should also consider working with a technology integrator in your next home theater. 

At Sunbelt Technology, we give you the ultimate cinematic experience at home in Atlanta, GA. By working with architects and designers, we create value through industry-leading entertainment solutions tailored to you and your family.

Read on to learn why professional design, installation, and automation are essential to an efficient home theater and how they drive up the value of new construction projects. 

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When Design Matters, the Devil Is In the Details

Designing your home theater is a complicated task. Our team of experts must first take into account the size and layout of your space as well as any personal preferences and budget. We will then help you decide on the best AV devices, seating, and acoustic treatments to optimize sound quality. Is space limited? No problem! A motorized projector screen and in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can blend in with the existing decor, appearing only when called upon. Is there room to spare? A designer will help you pick the perfect seats, arrange them to maximize your space, and set you up with the latest, loudest, and boldest AV systems. 

From a Top Installation to a Top performance

Once we are done with the design, installing. and programming your home theater AV systems is next. We make sure that all equipment is properly set up and calibrated, adjusting each speaker so that sound travels exactly where it must, and hiding and securing any cables to preserve the room decor. From the TV to smart lights and motorized shades, no smart device will be left unturned until all components of your home theater are fully integrated into a cohesive, top-performing entertainment hub!  

Automation Leads to Efficiency & Better Value

Automation is the last piece of the home theater puzzle. With a Control4 automation system, you can easily control all of your home theater equipment, including the projector, surround sound, lighting, and shades from the comfort of a universal remote. Even better, you can do it all using voice commands without lifting a finger. 

To top off an unforgettable, on-demand cinematic experience, remember that a home theater also drives up the value of your home. A professionally designed entertainment hub is a desirable feature for potential buyers, especially at a time when such dedicated spaces are the difference between an empty open house and a line of interested buyers. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help, and together we will determine the best products, features, and systems for your next home theater!