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The Top Technologies You Need for a Dedicated Home Theater

How to Make Your Movie-Watching Experience at Home Truly Magical

The Top Technologies You Need for a Dedicated Home Theater

Home theaters have captured the hearts of many American homeowners. They want to experience the thrill of watching a big-screen movie in the comforts of their own homes. Instead of rushing out to get to the theater in time or searching for the best seats in the house, they can enjoy it by simply stepping into another room. In order to make movie magic happen the right way, you need the best technological solutions for your dedicated home theater in Atlanta, GA.

Sunbelt Technology provides custom home theater design that includes 4K TVs or projectors with HDR technology, hi-fi speakers such as the Marquee Cinema line from Origin Acoustics, automated lighting controls, and smart home technology to tie everything together. Read our blog to learn how to go from ordinary movie watching to an amazingly immersive experience at home.

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Big-Screen Solutions for Any Space

Not just any TV or projector will do if you want a visually stunning experience in your home theater. But you don’t have to choose the most expensive one, either. It all depends on your space, your needs, and of course, your budget. Fortunately, most TVs and projectors are 4K with HDR (high-dynamic-range) imaging. That means you can expect brighter colors, better contrast, and fantastic clarity on the screen. Whether you want a 70” TV or a projector that casts a 120” video image, there are many options on the market.

Today’s latest-and-greatest innovation is the ultra-short-throw (UST) projector. It has made home theaters more feasible for homeowners that have a smaller room. UST projectors can be positioned as close as a few inches from the wall and still cast an image as big as 120” with no degradation in quality whatsoever. Find out about the best screen options for your home theater by setting up a design consultation with Sunbelt Technology.

Stunning Sound Quality That Surrounds You

A home theater isn’t complete without a hi-fi sound system. And we’re not talking about a soundbar. The Marquee Collection by Origin Acoustics is an advanced high-performance speaker system that transforms the way you watch movies, view live sports, and listen to music. The speakers can be mounted in-wall or on-wall with minimal space requirements without compromising sound quality. In addition, the system is powered by any premium audio-video receiver (AVR) to produce a rich, crystal-clear sound experience like no other.

Turn on the system, and the immersive sound makes you feel like you’re front and center at the movies, in the bleachers, or at a live concert. The powerful subwoofers, custom drivers, and high-pressure titanium tweeters ensure an experience that blows you away. The Marquee Collection is by far one of the most impressive upgrades you can do for your dedicated home theater.

It Gets Even Better

Even though high-quality video and audio are must-haves for any private cinema, no home theater space is complete without luxury seats, automated lighting controls, theater décor, and a smart home system to control it all. When Sunbelt Technology is finished designing and building out your home theater, we’re sure it will be the most favorite room in your house.

Do you want the perfect home theater space, but you don’t know the next step to take? It’s easy to get started! Schedule a consultation by calling (404) 236-0007 or filling out our online contact form. We also invite you to visit our new showroom where you can try out all the technologies for yourself.

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