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Comparing Lighting Control Systems: Choose the Best for Your Home

Revolutionize Home Lighting with These Premium Smart Light Systems

Comparing Lighting Control Systems: Choose the Best for Your Home

Traditional lights are a hassle to control and don’t always properly illuminate the space. Plus, they are typically limited in the number of settings. Most only turn and off, and even the ones that can dim are equipped with limited settings.

Smart lights offer some of the best possible home lighting, with distributed light that reach every corner of your space and the ability to customize your light settings. There are many brands of smart lights to choose from, each with its own strengths. If you’re looking to incorporate a lighting control system in your home in Atlanta, GA, you’ll probably consider brands such as DMF Lighting, Lutron, and Ketra. Keep reading to learn about each brand and see which is best for you.

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DMF Lighting

DMF lighting is a major producer of lighting control systems for all types of spaces, including offices, retail, and residential. They have various product lines, ranging from recessed, in-ceiling solutions to custom lighting fixtures. DMF’s DRD series contains in-ceiling lighting fixtures that can shine brilliant, distributed light throughout your space. They can be programmed to many shades and color tones to light your home exactly how you like. For added flair, the DCC product line allows you to customize hanging lighting fixtures to meet your home’s style while still providing brilliant lighting solutions.

Lutron Lighting

Lutron offers two main systems for residential lighting: Radio RA2 and HomeWorks. Radio RA2 is a wireless control system that integrates Lutron smart lights, motorized shades, and thermostats. Since it is wireless, the installation is easy and doesn’t require extensive wiring. Radio RA2 supports up to 200 devices, which is enough capacity for most homes.

HomeWorks allows for a much larger system, with the capacity to support up to 10,000 Lutron devices. HomeWorks supports wireless connections but can also be wired, which typically provides a more stable and consistent connection. 

Both HomeWorks and Radio RA2 allow you to control all of your lights from one integrated system. You’ll easily be able to automate your lights, set lighting scenes, and customize the lights in your home. In addition to controlling them on the app, you can get a series of wall pads, remotes, and sensors.


Ketra lighting was created in partnership with Lutron and can be controlled via the HomeWorks app. Ketra offers human-centric lighting, meant to adjust and change throughout the day to mimic the movement of the sun and shine the right type of light all day. For example, you can have bright whites in the early afternoon to boost productivity. As the day winds to an end, your lights will dim and warm, providing a cozy space to wind down and prepare for sleep. Like Lutron, it’s easy to automate your lights to match your routine and set lighting scenes.

Are you ready to install a lighting control system in your Atlanta, GA, home? Contact Sunbelt Technology today! Our team can go over these systems in further detail to help you find the perfect lighting for your home.