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Top 4 Features of a Remote Alarm and Security Monitoring System

Make your home a safe space with remote system monitoring

Top 4 Features of a Remote Alarm and Security Monitoring System

A smart security system is a precautionary and proactive solution that no homeowner should ever overlook. Not only does a smart security system alert you in real time to suspicious activity, but you have the power to remotely monitor and manage your property from afar. 

Below, explore the top four features of a smart security and remote alarm monitoring system and how it can grant you better peace of mind while you’re at home in Buckhead, GA or away.

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Builders: Enhance Your Properties with Smart Lighting Control

Learn How a Smart Lighting Control Installation Creates Happier and Healthier Homes That Buyers Desire

Builders: Enhance Your Properties with Smart Lighting Control

The modern luxury homebuyer is looking for many things; from open floor plans to great kitchens and well-appointed bathrooms, they also expect smart home technology. Automation and remote access to technology are essential elements that span all demographics.

According to a recent national real estate survey in high market regions, a customizable lighting control system ranks high on the must-have list. A professionally designed lighting control installation makes a home more vibrant, influences moods, and helps to balance circadian rhythms for improved wellness.

Are you looking to partner with a professional lighting and home technology integrator in the Atlanta, GA region? Continue reading below to learn how collaborating with Sunbelt Technology benefits you and your buyers.

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Builders: Bring Peace of Mind to Clients with Smart Home Support

Our Home Automation Service Plans Keep Your Customers’ Smart Homes Healthy and Reliable

Builders: Bring Peace of Mind to Clients with Smart Home Support

Changing consumer trends and increasing demand for smart home technology are transforming the real estate market on a global scale. Today’s homeowners are looking for whole-home audio, premier home automation systems, and newly installed security systems in Brookhaven, GA, and beyond.

As a result, smart home integrators are becoming an integral partner for homebuilders. Integrators like Sunbelt Technology understand the prewiring and network requirements of robust home automation systems and are certified installers of industry-leading smart home technologies.

As with all technology, home automation systems require regular maintenance to ensure every connected device and system operates as it should. When you partner with our integration firm on your new builds, you can ensure your customers that they’ll have an experienced tech team on call and monitoring the health and performance of their technology around the clock. Read on to learn about our service plans and how they allow us to provide homeowners with a healthy, happy smart home.

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The Benefits of Introducing Savant to Your Home

Embrace Smart Automation That Optimizes Your Lifestyle

The Benefits of Introducing Savant to Your Home

Savant Systems is a modern home automation company that will help you bring your home into the 21st century and provide you with the ultimate convenience and security for your home in Atlanta, GA. Savant is a giant in the home automation industry, providing a range of services through local dealers who understand the technology and can explain to potential customers the benefits of having a Savant system in their homes. If you're considering visiting a Savant dealer, we have some impressive benefits that will help you determine whether Savant is the right option for your home.

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