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Fix Smart Home Issues Fast with a Remote Monitoring Service

The Easy and Efficient Way to Keep Everything in Your Home Running Smoothly

Fix Smart Home Issues Fast with a Remote Monitoring Service

Your smart home is your haven of rest, comfort, and entertainment. There’s a lot of technology that goes into it though - from your home theater and multi-room audio system to your smart lighting and security system. How do you keep everything operating at peak efficiency? And what happens when there’s a problem?

Sunbelt Technology in Atlanta, GA uses a revolutionary management and support platform called OvrC. OvrC is a remote monitoring service that we use to troubleshoot devices on the network – even before our clients notice a problem. If any of your smart home systems is malfunctioning or underperforming, we can usually resolve the issue quickly and proactively. Read more to discover the benefits of OvrC for your smart home.

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Don’t Let Smart Technology Installation Slow Down Your Projects

Work with a Company that Understands Smart Home Automation

Don’t Let Smart Technology Installation Slow Down Your Projects

It’s no secret that homebuyers are very interested in smart home automation for their next residence. According to the research firm IDC, the smart home market is going to maintain 16.9% yearly growth over the next four years. If you are a builder, architect, or designer working with clients in the Atlanta, GA area, home automation and smart technology installation is bound to be part of your upcoming projects.

The best way to address the integration of smart technology in your plan is early, with the help of a professional. You already work with many professionals and trades, but choosing the wrong pro for smart home technology can slow down projects. Smart home automation is much more than just prewiring a house with low voltage cabling. Read on to see how working with a smart home company will reduce time, headaches, and re-work and lead to a smoother build process for your clients.

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Did You Get a New Batch of Smart Home Devices Over the Holidays?

Orchestrate Your Entire House with a Control4 System

Did You Get a New Batch of Smart Home Devices Over the Holidays?

Since the big Black Friday sales, few things have been more popular holiday gifts than smart technology. From smart lights, locks, and thermostats to smart speakers, streaming devices, and TVs, there’s quite a few new electronics to integrate into your home.

Since all these new devices are intelligent, naturally, each has an app to control it. Some, like audio and video devices, have remote controls, too. All of those different apps can be a little overwhelming, not to mention managing the many login credentials of each.

Is there an easier way? There is! A Control4 house control system helps you become the expert conductor of your smart home orchestra. Read on to learn how Control4 makes the whole of your smart home smarter than the sum of the intelligent parts.

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Installing a Home Security System?

Consider This Before You Take the DIY Route

Installing a Home Security System?

It’s an unfortunate reality of the modern world, but we know that we need some type of security for our homes. You want to make sure your property is protected, that your kids are safe when they get home from school before you return from work, and that your pets aren’t getting into any trouble.

Security goes beyond intruders and theft; you'll want to know when there's a water leak because a small drip that goes unnoticed can turn into an expensive repair later.

You might think that with the plethora of DIY home security and automation products at your local Best Buy, Home Depot, or on Amazon, that you can put together your own DIY solution for home security. If your needs are straightforward, the consumer DIY solutions may work for you. But if you have a larger home and property you may want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing all you can to protect what you own and love, then you may want to look beyond the DIY approach.

If you want to full protect your Atlanta home and property and are considering a new security system installation, keep reading below before you hit that “buy now” button on Amazon.

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