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Builders: Enhance Your Properties with Smart Lighting Control

Learn How a Smart Lighting Control Installation Creates Happier and Healthier Homes That Buyers Desire

Builders: Enhance Your Properties with Smart Lighting Control

The modern luxury homebuyer is looking for many things; from open floor plans to great kitchens and well-appointed bathrooms, they also expect smart home technology. Automation and remote access to technology are essential elements that span all demographics.

According to a recent national real estate survey in high market regions, a customizable lighting control system ranks high on the must-have list. A professionally designed lighting control installation makes a home more vibrant, influences moods, and helps to balance circadian rhythms for improved wellness.

Are you looking to partner with a professional lighting and home technology integrator in the Atlanta, GA region? Continue reading below to learn how collaborating with Sunbelt Technology benefits you and your buyers.

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Illumination That Fits

We are all spending more time at home, which means keeping a sense of vigor and focus throughout the day is vital. Lighting control needs to accommodate the transitions between waking, working, and relaxing at the end of the day.


When you furnish a home with dynamic lighting, it transforms the environment at the touch of a button. The homeowners can create scenes suited to their desire. For example, a “Dinner” light scene can dim and warm the lights in the dining room while a “Focus” light scene can brighten and shift lights to a cooler color temperature in the home office.


Research shows that many Americans suffer from sleep deprivation, which can cause serious ramifications down the line. Indoor lighting that mimics the changing color temperature and intensity of the sun optimizes homeowners’ energy levels in the afternoon and helps them feel rested in the evening. The system accomplishes this by shifting from warm, soft hues in the morning to brighter, whiter light in the afternoon and ending the day with dim, amber tones like those of a sunset.

Throw a Little Shade

While the benefits of allowing natural light to stream into the home are clear, too much of a good thing can be problematic. Motorized window treatments give homeowners the power to control how much natural light enters their home through automated schedules or one-touch control of their shades—enabling them to keep their home comfortable and energy-efficient with ease.


Tying smart lighting control and motorized window treatments together presents homeowners with even easier control of their lighting. All light fixtures and shades can be controlled from one interface and programmed to work together to optimize natural and artificial light at the right times.

Building Smarter Homes, Together

Let us help you build homes that satisfy the needs and desires of homeowners and attract affluent buyers! Are you interested in partnering with our home technology integration firm? Call us at 404-236-0007 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation! You can also schedule a visit to our Control4 certified showroom to see smart technology in action and speak with our experts in person.

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