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Give Them a Home Entertainment Experience in Every Room

Why Including an Audio Video Installation Is Good for Your Design-Build Firm

Give Them a Home Entertainment Experience in Every Room

It’s not easy to stay competitive in your trade. As an architect, builder, or designer, you need to remain up to date with the latest trends and building codes to keep pace with your competitors. Rise above the rest in your industry by offering smart home technology to your list of services. The good news is you don’t need to be an expert in the field to do it. By partnering with Sunbelt Technology, you can offer a valuable product to your clients and enjoy bigger profits without the hassle of learning a new skill.

One of the most profitable ways to start is in the AV sector. Homeowners in Atlanta, GA, are scampering to have the latest audio-video technologies – from smart TVs and whole-home audio systems to home theaters and media rooms. Keep reading to see how adding audio-video installation as a service can benefit your business.

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People Want the Latest and Greatest Tech

What happens when a new iPhone comes out? People rush to the Apple store to get it. When the newer model cars hit the market, the car lots are filled with people shopping for shiny new vehicles. The same is true with smart home technologies. According to the Consumer Technology Association, approximately 65% of homeowners want some degree of smart home control.

Also, according to the CTA, the current smart home market is $205 billion. Home entertainment technologies account for 75% of that – or $157 billion! Wouldn’t you like a slice of that pie? Even better news is the smart home market is growing by leaps and bounds with no end in sight.

Sunbelt Technology partners with builders and designers to integrate smart technologies and audio-visual systems with their projects. Because we have years of experience in the home automation and AV industry, we make the entire process go smoothly for you. Some of the systems we design and install include the following.

Personal Home Theaters

Everyone loves going to the movies. What’s even better is getting a movie-theater experience in your own home. By installing 4K TVs or projectors in home theaters, we ensure a visual display that is bright, colorful, vivid, and amazingly realistic. Add to that a robust surround-sound system that captures every audio detail, and no one may want to go to the movie theaters again. Plus, as commercial cinemas remain temporarily closed in many areas, homebuyers are looking for that immersive entertainment at home.

The Magnificence of Media Rooms

Instead of letting your clients listen to music on their TVs or through their earbuds, give them something better – much better. A media room is equipped with high-end speakers that reproduce the music as close to the original recording as possible. Unlike consumer-grade speakers that compress and distort the audio, premium speakers pick up every note and audio nuance. True audiophiles will love it! Best of all, Sunbelt Technology designs the room to ensure a fantastic audio atmosphere for outstanding performance.

Whole-Home Audio Systems

More and more people are asking us to install multi-room audio systems. Even though we are skilled at retrofitting these systems into existing homes, the ideal solution is to include them in the design-build. When we do, they integrate beautifully with a home automation system for easy control. The homeowner simply opens their smart home tablet or app, chooses the room, selects their music of choice, and hits play. It’s easy to share their music with other rooms too – or pick a different playlist for different rooms. They’ll enjoy their favorite songs through premium speakers throughout the entire house.

Are you ready to establish a profitable partnership with Sunbelt Technology? Call us at (404) 236-0007 or fill out our online contact form to get started. We look forward to working with you.

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