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An 8K TV Puts You In The Center Of The Action

Give Your Viewing Experience a Big Boost When Watching the Super Bowl

An 8K TV Puts You In The Center Of The Action

You love your 4K TV. The vivid displays and realistic images make everything you watch come alive. That’s especially true if it’s an OLED or QLED TV with high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging. Nothing beats the visual experience . . . except the 8K TV. As football season picks up and charges down the field toward the Super Bowl, you need a TV that puts you in the center of the action. And an 8K TV will certainly do it!

Whether you like to watch sports, TV shows, or movies, you’ll find that an 8K TV makes your 4K seem like a relic. Depend on Sunbelt Technology, a leading audio-video specialist in Atlanta, GA, to install an 8K that creates a truly captivating experience. Read more in our blog.  

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Do You Know about These Four Hot Home Theater Design Trends?

Spice Up Your Home Cinema with the Latest Ideas and Tech

Do You Know about These Four Hot Home Theater Design Trends?

Who doesn’t love a home cinema? What’s better than settling in to watch a movie with a large screen and great sound that draws you into the action? There was a time when home theaters were built to mimic the experience at a commercial movie house or a classic theater from the past. Today’s homeowners are not just watching movies in home theaters – they’re bingeing on favorite Netflix and Hulu shows, watching sports on the big screen, or even playing video games.

Home theater design has been evolving with the needs of families for different types of audio and video entertainment. No longer does it have to be a fully darkened room with theater recliner seating – it can be anything you want it to be with excellent visuals and sound. Read below for four of the hottest trends in home theaters right now for your Atlanta, GA home.

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