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Is Your Commercial Network Ready for the New Decade?

You Might Need an Upgraded Network Installation

Is Your Commercial Network Ready for the New Decade?

We live in an interconnected world, and reliable network connectivity is taken for granted. Your business operation depends on it for a panoply of applications, whether it’s communicating with suppliers and partners, point of sale applications, or cloud-based services.

If you run a retail or hospitality operation, you know how frustrated customers can become when connectivity is spotty or nonexistent. And if your business is comprised of offices full of professional knowledge workers, productivity without connectivity grinds to a halt. 

Not all networks are created equal. Read on to see how you can get your Atlanta commercial network installation ready for an even more connected decade ahead.

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Retail Environments

Retail environments need robust networking for smooth operations. If you use point-of-sale (POS) systems that connect with the cloud, you need always-on connectivity. A down POS can mean lost sales if you have to resort to manual methods.

The security of your retail establishment may depend on the network, too. If you employ IP (networked) cameras to reduce theft and shrinkage, the cameras are part of your network traffic. If the cameras monitor your premises after hours, you want to ensure the network is up.

Beyond internal operations, networking can present an opportunity with customers. Having customers log into a branded portal for connectivity on your premises lets you capture basic customer info in return for a stable internet connection.


If you run a hotel or restaurant, your patrons expect internet connectivity. Of course, your internal operations depend on it, but customers, especially in hotels, will write a bad review on connectivity issues alone. Not only in hotel rooms, but public areas need robust connectivity as well. If your hotel has conference facilities, it becomes even more important.

With today's image and video-centric world, guests and patrons expect more than a solid connection for messaging, email, and web surfing. They might be streaming from a variety of video services like Netflix and YouTube or social media, as well as uploading. In the coming years, this will only continue to increase. The last thing you'd want is a bad connectivity experience for an important convention or trade meeting that you are hosting – poor connection infrastructure can lose the following year's business.

Office Environments

Knowledge workers rely on connectivity practically every minute of the day. Moreover, no one is chained to a desk in modern offices; they work in huddle rooms, outside areas, and shared spaces. Reliable wireless connectivity for every device is critical. Every part of your premises should offer a strong signal with seamless handoffs as employees move about. And with integrated collaboration platforms like Zoom and Slack that combine voice, messaging, data sharing, and video, robust connections and enough capacity to handle peak loads and priorities are crucial to a productive environment.

Commercial-Grade Networking

A commercial network needs professional planning, design, and installation. It also needs commercial-grade hardware and software solutions. Sunbelt Technology works with companies like Araknis for robust networking solutions. Its routers, switches, access points, and other equipment are designed for the rigors of commercial environments. Solutions like OvrC, which Araknis networking equipment works with, allow professional integrators like us to monitor and diagnose network issues remotely. In some cases, we can fix them remotely before they even become a problem.

Get your business ready for the escalating network demands of the new decade. Call us today at (404) 236-0007, visit our showroom,  or reach out on our online contact page. We look forward to working with you.

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