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Improve Client Satisfaction and Staff Energy with Restaurant AV

A Distributed Audio-Video System Provides Flexible Coverage for Your Needs

Improve Client Satisfaction and Staff Energy with Restaurant AV

Running a restaurant involves a lot of responsibilities. You have to manage food costs, kitchen and front-of-house relations, table turn times, and the wellbeing of everyone who enters. The last thing you want to have pull for your attention is the restaurant AV system.

While it may seem tempting to install a simple one-size-fits-all solution, depending on the type of establishment you manage, this may leave you frustrated. A fine dining setting is vastly different from the needs of a sports bar. The right distribution system enhances the client experience, energizes staff, and can lead to increased sales.

Are you ready to make the move to a better, flexible systemfor your Atlanta, GA business? Read below to find out more.

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Audio and video are vital components of any restaurant’s ambiance. Just like lighting, the music and images set the mood and tenor for both staff and clients. Your audio-visual system should be designed for your needs and flexible enough to accommodate changes.

Zoned In

As you well know, a restaurant floor is not always a static set of tables; two-tops can turn into a four-top or a party of twelve. There can be a private function upstairs while the lower floor is serving dinner; the audio needs of each are different in terms of music played and the volume levels. An audio system that does not allow your staff to manage different music zones of the restaurantcan be crippling.

It is essential that you have the ability to break your space into zones with independent control over source selection, speaker groupings, and relative volume for each. Each section of your establishment can be managed to fit the needs of your clientele and help you comply with local ordinances. Bring music to diners outdoors without disturbing the neighbors, or turn off the zone when local regulations require while keeping the energy going indoors.

Zones are especially critical in sports bars where you need to show a number of different games without causing a cacophony of noise. Show the baseball at the bar, the NBA playoffs in one section, and hockey finals in another. You can send the audio for each game to the appointed sections or play music everywhere to keep it simple.

Speaker Selection

The type of speaker installed determines just how effective your distribution system is in clearly providing coverage. Using one standard speaker type throughout a space will only result in muddy audio that is more of an annoyance than atmospheric. 

Every restaurant space is different and presents individual challenges when it comes to distributing audio. A plan that mixes wide coverage speakers with models that furnish more focused areas allows you to create flexible settings for any application.Outdoor spaces require more powerful and focused coverage, while smaller indoor spaces need less power but more clarity.

The shape, size, and décor of space also affect how sound is distributed. Installing the proper configuration provides coverage that requires less volume.Our expert designers and installers will present a plan that helps generate ambient energy without creating hot and cold areas. 

New Beginnings

Now is the time to update or upgrade your restaurant AV system to maximize client satisfaction and sales. Are you ready to make your space accommodating to any opportunityFill out our online contact form or use the chat box below to speak to a team member today.You can also schedule a visit to our showroom to demo technologies.

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