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The Cinema Experience, at Home

See How a Home Theater Matches the Best Movie Palace Moments

The Cinema Experience, at Home

Movies have grown from being just entertainment to one of the most meaningful art forms. The lingua franca of the film has created a universal vocabulary, one that transcends culture and continents. Motion pictures can move us in ways other mediums cannot, crying one moment and cheering the next, tears barely dried.

A big part of the experience is the effect of watching the story unfold before us in the grand temples to film, the cinema. While a good movie can move you in any medium,  the theater innately enhances the moment. A home theater can replicate the cinema experience, bringing the adventure right to the comfort and safety of your house.

Our team are the experts in home theater design, creating a space that exceeds your expectations. Read on to find out how we can build one for your Atlanta, GA home.

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First Run Movies in Your Home

Adding a home theater to your smart home has never been more relevant than it is today. We are spending more time ensconced in our homes these days, and in response, films are being released directly online. Warner Brothers recently announced that all of its first-run movies will be available to stream on the HBO Max platform at the same time they are in the multiplexes. 

The remarkable turn of events may forever change how we see movies, available to us anywhere and at any time. While a great media room can suffice, nothing matches that magical feeling of being seated in a darkened theater free of daily distractions.

The Space is the Place

While technology plays a large part in creating a home theater, it all starts with the room itself. Whether you are looking to recreate the decor of movie places of the 1920s or a more modernist take, the room needs to function as much as it is fashion. 

The space must cater to your comfort and provide the best environment for sound and vision. To do this, we carefully calibrate a room using acoustic treatments to ensure audio sits correctly in the room. We’ll eliminate dead spots, unwanted echoes and vibrations, guaranteeing every seat is in the perfect sound field.

Intelligent lighting instills an ambiance as well as illuminating your way to the highly crafted seats. Care must be taken to furnish the right atmosphere and control and prevent washing out the image on the screen with light spill.

Technology Tuned to You

The stunning video of 4K Ultra High Definition projectors instantly draws you into the action on the screen.  When professionally calibrated the video’s millions of pixels, the nearly infinite spectrum of colors and depth of field is a perfect match for the home theater. UHD is more impactful when viewed up close, the full impact of which is lost in major theaters.

While it may be true that a good film can be understood without audio, a surround sound system envelopes you, tying you directly to the story’s emotions and drama. Tuned to the room, the audio system lets you hear every sound from the quietest whispers to the most Michael Bay moments.   

Access and Adventure

Being absorbed within the moment does not mean you have to be completely disconnected. Tied into your smart home controls and monitoring, you can watch with confidence that all is well all around.

Have access to your security alerts and cameras, set the climate controls to your comfort level, and adjust the theater levels as you desire all from the same device.

Want to know more before deciding?  Schedule a time in our growing showroom to experience what our home theater and technology solutions can provide you.

Sunbelt Technology has many years of experience in Home Theater Design. Find out how we can help your cinematic dreams come true. Call us at (404) 236-0007 or fill out our online contact form to request a free consultation.

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