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Control4 Chime: The New Standard for Smart Video Doorbells

Control4’s Chime is the Doorbell for the Smartest Homes

Control4 Chime: The New Standard for Smart Video Doorbells

The video doorbell is one of the most popular smart home devices. You only need to look in your local big-box store or online to find many models from which to choose. Having a way to see and monitor a front door imparts peace of mind that you have eyes outside your house. 

The many video doorbells you’ll find are DIY consumer products. While those will work well, none of those are quite up to the level of what you’ll get from a professional Control4 dealer like Sunbelt Technology. Why? It’s because the video doorbell from Control4 integrates with a powerful and capable home automation system that will make your Atlanta, GA home safer and much more. Keep reading to see how. 

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A Keen Eye 

Control4’s new Chime video doorbell is your smart front door sentry. The Chime’s camera can monitor five different zones for motion, so you can receive an immediate alert for a package delivery or when someone is approaching your front door. With five zones, the alerts you won’t get are people walking by on the sidewalk, so you won’t get needless notifications. Want to screen a visitor? The Chime has two-way audio capability and can deliver a crisp video feed to your Control4 Touchscreen, which doubles as the controller for your smart home. If you’re away from home, you can use Control4’s versatile Intercom Anywhere app on a smart device to screen a visitor or simply view what’s happening around your front door. 

With Control4 home automationyou’re in control. Inside your home, screen a visitor with your Control4 Touchscreen. If it’s a friend, you can tap a button to unlock the smart lock and let them in. If it’s an unwanted solicitation, don’t answer at all! If you’re away, you can pretend like someone is home and speak to an unwanted visitor. 

The Chime has a 5-megapixel high-definition camera with a wide field of view to capture an expansive range of activity around your front door and yard. It has night vision capability to see after dark, and it can form part of a sophisticated surveillance system by recording footage to a local network video recorder in your house, not in the cloud. 

Flexible Installation 

The Chime video doorbell is made to be easy to install. It can supplant your old doorbell using the existing low-voltage wire for power and communicate over your wireless network. For new construction or a remodel, the Chime is best connected through standard ethernet cable, which can deliver power to the device and provide an even more secure network data connection. Elegant black and silver finishes ensure that the Chime will be a match for your impressive front door. 

Powerful Automation 

The Chime's true charm lies in the power of the Control4 home automation system. When the camera detects motion, you can trigger many actions. For example, what if someone approaches your door at 3 AM?  If you're away, you can have an automation sequence that turns on many outside lights to deter a would-be intruder. If you are home, you can trigger a sound to wake you for a closer look and potentially call the authorities. Your video doorbell is part of your smart home system, and you can use your smart functions of lights, locks, alarms, and sounds to keep your home safer. 

Looking for smarter home security? Let Sunbelt Technology, a Certified Control4 dealer, show you how. To learn more,call us today at (404) 236-0007visit our showroom or reach out on our online contact page. We look forward to working with you. 

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