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Avoid the Pitfalls of Bad Conferencing Audio

Make Sure Your Commercial Audio Video System is Up to Par

Avoid the Pitfalls of Bad Conferencing Audio

Even with all our ultra-modern collaboration and messaging software, good old-fashioned voice communication is still, thankfully, a fact of business life. The telephone is just as essential as ever, even if the phone exists as part of a computer, smartphone, or a piece of software on another device.

Voice still needs to be an integral part of the business communication arsenal. In the digital world, surprisingly, the quality of voice conversations has sometimes suffered in some collaboration platforms that have prioritized data and video sharing over audio quality within network connections.

That, however, can be remedied. Two areas contribute heavily to modern voice communications: prioritized networking support and the proper equipment in a space. With the right commercial audio and video setup in your Atlanta conference rooms, your conference calls can be better than in the days when everything was hard-wired.

Keep reading below to learn how to improve your conferencing audio.

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Improved Conference Call Audio

If your current conference call setup is a basic speakerphone, you may have experienced some of these issues. Do people on calls ask to repeat things often? Do some people closer to the phone sound too loud and others farther away can barely be heard? Are you straining to hear intelligibly when the volume is turned up for a group?

All of the above are signs you need better audio-video solutions. Wasted time repeating information as well as misunderstandings are both frustrating and potentially very costly to your business. A variety of solutions can be employed to modernize your system. Multiple microphones can be installed around a conference room table so no one is too far and can speak naturally, with the gain adjust set precisely for all positions. Alternatively, ceiling or table-mounted microphone arrays can pick up sound around the room, with sophisticated digital signal processing to minimize any feedback or echoes; this accurately transmits sound around the entire space.

If outside noise in busy open offices often intrudes into the conference area, acoustic solutions can help. Sound absorbing panels can be deployed to both keep sound out of the room and keep sound from bleeding out as well. Acoustic panels can also dampen the effect of sound bouncing off of hard surfaces in the room. Sound masking solutions are sophisticated noise cancellation techniques - like those employed in consumer earphones - that can reduce distracting din from surrounding areas.

Prioritized Networking

Voice communication requires high-priority, lag-free networking connections. Since everything is digital now, it is essential that every form of data have the right priority for top performance. Voice protocols need to have the correct priority in your conferences, especially when you are using video and data in that collaboration. Often, poorly configured networks end up with voice support that stutters or cuts out just enough to make calls frustrating. Whether using a fully wired setup or a combination of wired and wireless devices in your conference room, Sunbelt Technology will configure your commercial network with the right bandwidth and priority for every type of traffic in your offices: voice, data, and video.

If you’re ready to match your Atlanta offices’ commercial audio and video to the speed of modern business, call us today at (404) 236-0007 or reach out at our online contact page. We look forward to serving you.